If Datacenter Efficiency and Stability are one of your concerns,

Then you are in the right place.

  • Pro-Active

    Proactive analytical solution which identifies gaps in IT operations security and risks in advance and raise the flag in advance before it will impact the business.

  • Cross-Domain

    Analyzing for the first time the relationships between heterogeneous and multi-layer IT infrastructure systems to any of the business critical applications.

  • IT-as-a-Business

    Granting vendor-independent information, tying data to business, and enabling communication in a way that is understandable from the datacenter to the boardroom.

  • Integration

    Does not impose data or structure…adapts to existing setup; integrates with existing systems, providing immediate results and ROI.

  • CIO’s are struggling to share their IT operations story in a way that their
    C-level peers will understand… changes that are taking place daily in your datacenter, under your responsibility!

  • Welcome to the new world of IT where preventing solutions shape the market.


    Datacenters are expensive and complex. The need for 100% continuous availability is critical to the business. The IT leadership are struggling to manage, control and present their datacenter operation in a way that management can understand the imperative contribution that IT makes to business.

    From now on you will be able to manage, control and organize your Datacenter resource measurements from multi-vendor, heterogeneous IT infrastructures, analyzing the information to provide utilization, availability, performance and capacity intelligence. Confidently align with business priorities and support future business growth.

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” C- levels can understand and control in an area that was totally dark up to now “

Author's imageGili Kleinformer Migdal CIO, Israel
  • One part of our secret sauce is that our platform is vendor-independent and readily adapts to any IT environment, no matter how diverse or complex and providing the critical global view needed to manage IT both strategically and tactically. We provide an accurate view of datacenter performance across the domains and establishing accountability, transparency and auditability.

    We govern all aspects of IT operations under one ROOF and helping the organization to ensure cost effective operations and business continuity by unifies and simplifies management processes.

  • Imagine one place where you can manage and control your Datacenter in a language that makes sense from the Datacenter to the boardroom, Instantly, Reachable and Available wherever you go, Anytime, Anywhere.

    That’s iTAnalyzer

” iTAnalyzer is a classical Money saver “

Author's imageBaruch GindinComset Ltd., Israel

How Does iTAnalyzer Work

Supercharge Your IT Operations While keeping Cost in Check

  • (1) Discover Collect

    iTAnalyer system supports multiple vendors and platforms – Cross-platform coverage.Obtain standards-based architecture and support for multi-vendor environments and no need for SW updates.

    (2) Information & Analysis

    iTAnalyzer , Collect, Analyze and Predict IT operation efficiency by generate reports of discrepancies, anomalies, data-loss, miss-configurations, availability risks and exposing allocated IT resources that are not providing value to any business application or service.

    The system takes into account not only all IT activities within a company, we combine other technologies domains in order to perform in the new IT.

    (3) Visualize

    iTAnalyzer is a Web-based solution with an architecture that works within today’s IT environment. iTAnalyzer treats IT as a business and is oriented to provide its analytic results as for lower costs, increased inefficiencies, higher service levels, lower risk, rather than purely technical terms.

    With iTAnalyzer social platform IT leadership will be able to share and compare data (Patent pending), to communicate among the IT and company domains, helping the individual to become an excellent leader.

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” iTAnalyzer is fulfilling the dream of an infrastructure manager “

Author's imageUzi MesikaCEO at Ilitech – technology consulting Ltd.

What We Offer

  • By implementing the solution, iTAnalyzer empower decisionmakers to deliver better service at lower cost, while proactively preventing costly system failure—all from a lightweight and simple interface.

    (1) Fast installation

      • Does not impose data or structure…adapts to existing setup; integrates with existing systems.

    (2) Immediate results

      • Provide a single point of control with all relevant and accurate data available in IT operations.
      • Business Driven Logic – Combine top down and bottom up approaches to orchestrate IT operations, usage, budget, capacity and risk operations within the decision making process.
      • Process enforcement – operation modeling tool that provides multi-layer visibility and transparency of resources allocated to transformational and operation activities.
      • Eliminate inefficiencies and inconsistencies across IT operations entities.

    (3) Fits your needs

      • Adjusted to your managerial and organizational needs and customized dashboard.

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